publiq envisages a society in which leisure leads to encounter, initiative and shared experience. In which each individual is able to and wants to part of an audience.

publiq provides information and turns searchers into finders

'What’s on in my local area?' people want to know. Which is why publiq focuses on setting up platforms where the offering and the audience meet. We translate a broad offering from sectors such as culture, youth and sports into a conveniently arranged and challenging ensemble of projects and products that are aimed at the public and the sector in question, easy to find and invitingly presented. Smart technology, smart data analyses and well-defined user profiles help us to gear the offering to the right audience.

publiq broadens tastes beyond expectation

Leisure, time to oneself and the freedom to do things you are not required to do, gives people the chance to discover something they may not be particularly familiar with, to delve into, to get to know, explore or surf along to. publiq believes that new experiences and unexpected encounters that focus the individual and collective cultural self-awareness. And that activating this self-awareness bolsters resilience in and solidarity between people.

  • UiTPAS, involving reward points and extra benefits
  • museum pass, the biggest museum season ticket

publiq promotes participation and connects different audiences

At publiq, we believe in a diverse and inclusive audience: young or old, rich or poor, able-bodied or disabled, regardless of origin or background. In dialogue, with trust and creativity. A super diverse offering needs to benefit a super diverse society.

publiq builds bridges and connects partners

publiq forges durable partnerships in the wide field of leisure: local authorities, schools, stakeholders from the artistic, youth, sport and cultural sector, community organisations, the media, organisations and businesses pursuing similar goals ... We rally partners behind products, services, know-how, audience strategies and communication channels that deliver added value for society as a whole. Including at international level.

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  • publiq is a non-for-profit organisation that has a management agreement in place with the Flemish government. Up until 2017, the organisation went by the name of CultuurNet Vlaanderen. During the same year, CJP merged with publiq.
  • publiq has the full support of an enthusiastic board of directors and general meeting