More benefits, more outings

The UiTPAS enables people to save up points which they can trade in for fun treats (such as discounts, presents or free tickets) in all UiTPAS regions. Local authorities and organisers who opt for UiTPAS see more, new as well as return visitors.

UiTPAS data we share

Over 400,000 pass holders are currently saving and trading in their points with over 3000 leisure organisations. Thanks to anonymised data, as an organisation or local authority you gain a better understanding of your audience. Plus you get to send them messages (entirely GDPR-proof we hasten to add).

An impetus for those who need it

With the UiTPAS, added focus of attention goes out to people who live in poverty. Over and above the saving and trading features of the pass, they are discreetly granted concessionary rates to UiTPAS activities.

Want to get on board of the UiTPAS?

We would be happy to explain how to become an UiTPAS partner. In addition, we are there to guide you every step of the way. Alternatively, you can also enrol with an existing UiTPAS region.

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