Accessible information

Each year, publiq collects and filters hundreds of thousands of leisure activities.


The bedrock of a platform for leisure activities

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The most comprehensive What’s On Guide that informs and inspires

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custom UiT What’s On Guide

An UiTdatabase selection tailored to your audience

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Broadening tastes

publiq inspires people to get out of the house more (and to try something new on occasion).


A savings and reward card as an impetus for local leisure participation

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A single museum pass to hundreds of exciting collections

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Getting everyone involved

publiq helps to disseminate the offering to specific target groups.


Want to do something fun for or with the children?

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Culture Cure

Search and find culture at school

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More culture for more youngsters

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Linked by a strong network

publiq brings providers, authorities and experts together.


Towns and cities promote leisure offering through the UiTlabel

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Knowledge activities

and practical examples enrich and inspire

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Vitamin C Network

Sign up as a network member!

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Our mission and vision