We are looking for an art & culture ‘aficionado’ interested in joining our team as web-designer. We will consider junior web-designers as well as a senior web-designers in this application process. We expect you to at least have one website in your portfolio. The job is either full-time or 24hours/week depending on your availability.



INTK is a young and ambitious studio based in Utrecht. We are specialised in developing digital strategies for cultural organisations.

We work with several museums, theaters, film houses, castles, libraries, festivals, etc. Some of the cultural organisations we work with are: Centraal Museum, Tropenmuseum, Stadsschouwburg Utrecht, Film Theater Hilversum, Frascati, Het Utrechts Archief, Le Guess Who? festival etc.

Our mission is to change how people relate to culture. Forty years ago very few people worked out/participated in sports on a regular basis. Today, many people dedicate several hours a week to play sports. Inspired by the changes in the sports sector, we would like to bring a similar change to the cultural sector. It is our goal to encourage people who love culture to engage in cultural activities on a weekly basis. For example, we want to encourage people that love cinema to go to the movies every week.



We work with great content
We love beautiful content. Cultural organisations have amazing audio/visual material. Just think about the amazing material that museums, theaters, cinemas, festivals have. We never use Lorem Ipsum neither stock images because cultural organisation always provide amazing material upfront.

We work for a large audience
Like you, we love to craft perfect websites. What is the point to sweat for a website that is going to receive a couple of hundred visits a week? Cultural organisations naturally have a large audience. The websites you will design are going to be visited by thousands of people.

We work for great clients
If you design the website of the best law firm in the world will probably pay really well. But does it deliver a good story? Can you imagine yourself at a party telling your friends about that new project you are working for this big-shot lawyers? Well, Museum and cultural organisation are easy to relate to. Everybody will know what you are talking about. Who does not know Mondriaan?


Your first two assignments are to design a website for a contemporary art museum and a website about Pierre Cuypers (the architect that designed the Rijksmuseum and the Amsterdam Centraal station);
The designs need to be delivered in PNG or Sketch files;
You advise us about what new ideas/concepts we should be considering;
You will help us launch a small new business (more details later);

Please do not feel too disappointed with our website. We know it needs a re-design and that is one of the reasons we are hiring you. Also, you will notice that we do not have a portfolio online. So in case you are interested in the work we do here are 3 websites we developed: