Voice of Evolution


My work joins visionary human body Architecture with mundane interpretations that assist people to transition back into their roots.


Working on opening many new blueprints created an explosive desire to paint and design my information in a way that my designs were born by alignments throughout the cosmos. Design became a strong expressive treasure chest in which science, spirit and the modern day Rebel meet under the same roof in order to create instant changes on any level of consciousness and shake this world through Fashion! When I offer my services, I explore myself, and invite answers from the Universe to assist humanity to shift consciousness and so many DESIGNS WERE JUST INTERLOCKING IN MY BRAINS. When dialoging with the Star Systems, I was guided, educated & shown that there is something greater that pulses, streams, morphs through our plasma to assist our individual journey & transformation in these exceptional times.And so I was guided to create Star Codes on apparel to transform consciousness:They have the capacity to bring deep transformations in the body and the brain while integrating the design that allows the changes in life. My Streetwear empowers the body because words/designs have impact and work deep within the body , especially during these special times on the planet, many people need that little hint that pushes them forward, that is what art is for! The codes serve especially to make transitions , to see that every Vibe on my apparel & other products turns into a Frequency, every frequency turns into a geometric design that formulate knowledge and transformation. These New codes are a necessity because they assist people to move out of OLD CONCEPTS, OLD BELIEVE SYSTEMS, OLD PATTERNS THAT HAVE NO MORE IMPACT ON THE BODY for they lost their working mechanics. Wearing my Art, is wearing your LIGHT ON THE PLANET that will keep on transmuting densities very fast so we can embrace Equality, Integrity, Serenity and humility that leads to balance and well being for every body.


We zijn op zoek naar een gemotiveerde allround stagiair(e), met de focus op content creatie, marketing en communicatie.
Je werkt mee aan alle taken die uitgevoerd dienen te worden met het oog op de verkoop, een zeer allround takenpakket. Dat wil zeggen: teksten schrijven in het Nederlands en Engels, social media, Je zal nauw samenwerken met onze teamleider.

  • Content creation : writing posts, advertising, newsletters and other design on different communication channels as a function of the customer segment.
  • Community management: manage different social medias and animate the community.
  • User & customer relations: answer our users’ questions on our different communication channels as well as managing our online feedbacks.
  • Analysis & ideas: find new ways of communication or marketing to improve our customer experience on the basis of your observations and analysis of our database.

Werkuren en dagen zijn flexibel en worden vastgelegd in overleg met onze teamleider.
Belangrijk: de stage kan ook enkel in het weekend plaatsvinden/ betaalde stage is niet mogelijk, doch voor to the point marketing zijn er vergoedingen voorzien.

Hoofdzaak is dat je een passie hebt voor kunst en fashion.


  • I am looking for an entity that is passionate about my website, my video's, my written work, my art, and my seminars: Please show me your application is worth many co-operative endeavours, show me your passion, your ideas through which I understand you are the one that brings my work to the world.
  • You have an interest for ART AND FASHION
  • Skills in Adobe (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, …), Canva, Mailchimp,
  • Video (content) creator
  • You have a creative, autonomous mindset
  • You like to take on new challenges
  • You are ready to learn and collaborate
  • Be creative, develop and innovate, Excellent written and oral communication skills in English, knowledge of Dutch ; Capable of multitasking; Friendly, social, proactive.
  • Knowledge in main social medias
  • Knowledge of online marketing tools
  • Writing and verbal communication skills
  • Knowledge in Marketing and/or communication
  • Motivation and ecological mindset
  • The design of a market study;
  • Conducting prospective desk and field market research;
  • Drafting of business development plan and marketing strategy.

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Je komt terecht in een gezellig, klein team waar er veel mogelijkheden zijn om een brede ervaring op te doen. De stage is zeer flexibel (periode, dagen, uren,...).

Marketing & communicatie