VIERNULVIER is looking to welcome a new artistic coordinator to inspire and coach our team of cultural programmers working within the various programme categories (performing arts, music, talks, nightlife, residencies, food and monument).


VIERNULVIER is a Flemish arts institution and operates as a central platform in a rich network of artists and organisations from numerous sectors. Inspired by a turbulent world and an arts sector in flux, VIERNULVIER seeks to boost cross-fertilisation between the arts and the local and global community. We do so while maintaining an up-to-date perspective on our shared future.

We serve as a welcoming meeting place and a lab for development, production, presentation, participation and reflection. We build on a history of innovation and of engagement in societal issues. VIERNULVIER is a meeting place where we maintain an openness to knowledge sharing and new partnerships, even when they are not the most obvious ones.


What do we expect from you?

  • You coach and inspire a team of cultural programmers and develop together with them a coherent, accessible and inclusive programme for and with diverse audiences (‘Nothing for everyone, something for everybody’), for the various stages at De Vooruit and at other venues (e.g. Arsenaal site, Minard, etc.).

  • You yourself are rarely responsible for programming, but you ensure that the artistic programme is coherent and contextualised. You ask questions and keep us on our toes. You see yourself as a moderator, a diplomat, a strategist, a dramaturg, a critic, an empath, an encourager, an evaluator ...

  • You give substance and form to VIERNULVIER’s social and ecological commitments through festivals, focus weeks, artistic interventions, etc. and in this way show that VIERNULVIER is fully engaged with the issues of the city and the world.

  • You’re someone who can convey your enthusiasm about the programme to your colleagues working in communication, production, stage technology, etc., or, for that matter, the person sitting next to you on the train or in a bar. You represent VIERNULVIER in Belgium and abroad.

  • When you read our policy plan for 2023-2027 you feel up to the challenge and fully ready to support and help shape its realisation.

  • You draw on a broad international network of contacts to realise collaborations and co-creations. You maintain and expand this network so that you are aware of the international artistic developments of (the day after) tomorrow.

  • Together with your colleagues from the artistic team, you manage the artistic budget and report back to the finance coordinator.

  • You get energy from, and have experience in, the development of (European) projects that lead to knowledge sharing and additional funding for the artistic programme. You do this on your own initiative and/or in collaboration with your colleagues from the artistic and business teams.

  • As a member of the coordination team, you help steer the general policy of VIERNULVIER and, together with the general coordinator and financial coordinator, you participate as part of the governing body and in the general meeting.


Who would we like to meet?

  • We would like to find a new colleague with a keen interest in artistic, social, political and philosophical topics. Someone who thoughtfully deals with pressing societal challenges and their associated ethical questions.

  • We welcome a colleague who brings new perspectives and visions to the table.

  • We are looking for someone with an aptitude for dramaturgy and a thorough knowledge of contemporary arts practices: performing arts, music, participatory, relational and contextual practices.

  • We need a thinker who can organise forms of reflection with the VIERNULVIER team as well as external guests and partners. You ideally have a flair for writing.

  • The new artistic coordinator is a committed and dynamic colleague who appreciates the advantages of working at a major arts centre.

  • You have at least ten years of relevant experience in the arts sector.

  • You have a good command of Dutch or are willing to learn the language quickly. You can also express yourself fluently in English and French.

  • Working collectively in a horizontal structure appeals to you.


What do we have to offer?

  • A full-time contract with a six-year term of employment, renewable for one additional term of six years.

  • A varied job in a dynamic, international environment.

  • An open working atmosphere with room for initiative.

  • A flexible setting with a focus on the new way of working.

  • A competitive salary.

  • A package of fringe benefits: flat-rate expense allowance, meal vouchers, sectoral group insurance, hospitalisation insurance, bicycle allowance or concessionary fares on public transport, etc.

  • A shared travel budget to attend relevant artistic events and festivals.

  • A flat organisational structure that allows you to take on multiple roles if you wish. The pillars on which the organisation rests include employee commitment, transparency and the creation of room for colleagues to take initiative as part of an informal culture. Visit our website and take a look at our organisational chart. There you will also find our integrity policy and internal fair practice code.

  • A rich network of highly motivated colleagues as well as artists and cultural workers, both in Flanders and internationally.