The concept is straightforward:

  • 10 free events
  • all across Flanders
  • on 10 very different topics.
  • In tandem with 12 partners with a heart for cultural education

This is what the 2020 road trip looks like:

  • Intangible heritage - Marlous Willemsen, Imagine IC (NL) - in association with Werkplaats Immaterieel Erfgoed
  • Cultural education as a matchmaker - Cath Hume, Audience Diversity Academy(UK) - in association with Concertgebrouw Brugge & Musica
  • Children’s Rights - Caroline Vrijens, Commissioner for Children’s Rights, in association with HETPALEIS
  • Islam & cultural education - Emilie Le Roi & Khalid Benhaddou - in association with C-Mine
  • Ethnic-cultural diversity - Sally Ghannoum (SY) - in association with Wisper
  • Technology & community - Rachel Wingfield (UK) - in association with Nerdlab
  • Participatory practices from the world of the arts - Kristof Van Gestel, Hans Bossmann (NL), Katrien Oosterlinck - in association with De Veerman
  • Impact of art & learning on the brain of children & youngsters - Mark Mieras (NL) - in association with Mooss
  • Art Thinking - Maria Acaso (ES) - in association with Kaaitheater
  • Literature - in association with Villa Verbeelding and Iedereen Leest

Full details and how to sign up to be published online soon.

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