‘Vlieg’ directs families towards leisure activities for kids. 

What's learned in the cradle, lasts till the tomb. That also goes for culture. The label Vlieg makes cultural and leisure activities for families with young children (under 12 years) visible and recognizable. Hundreds of organizers, municipalities and media partners are using the label in their program brochures, newsletters, online calendars and printed calendars. Vlieg points the way to families, helps them to make a choice from the wide range of activities and stimulates them to visit activities with an added value.

On the public website UiTmetVlieg.be, families can find information on activities for or with children. The activities can be filtered according to age, place, date or genre. The website is also the digital club house of the ‘Bende van Vlieg’ (‘The Gang of Vlieg’): a community of families that, in exchange for ‘Vlieg points’, discuss their trips with the kids and inspire other families.

With a range of campaigns Vlieg is encouraging families to engage in culture in their free time. Every summer ‘Schatten van Vlieg’ (‘Treasures of Vlieg’) is organized: a cultural treasure hunt in collaboration with the whole of the cultural sector. Tens of thousands of children are taking part in this.

Vlieg leads to knowledge exchange in the sector, e.g. with ‘Vliegdoos’ (‘Vlieg box’), a strategic toolkit to make things more family-friendly.

Are you organizing an activity for families or children?
Label your activity with the Vlieg logo.
Interested in the summer campaign?
Learn more about the ‘Schatten van Vlieg’
Focus on the child-friendliness of your city, municipality or region
Join the Bende van Vlieg or look for activities for children



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Elien Vanlaer

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