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The hub for all leisure info in Flanders

Since 2005, the UiT database is the beating heart of an extensive network of leisure organizers and publication channels. More than 28,000 organizers are entering over 215,000 activities every year. This can be done without charge, by anyone and online. The database is therefore the central repository of information on the wide range of leisure activities in Flanders and Brussels. A concert, show, exhibition or movie? A sports event, a hike, an evening for cards or fun fair? Courses, workshops or events? The database is the place for all these activities.

Those who enter, get a lot out of it. One entry in the UiT database is enough to see your activity appear in hundreds of calendars. All public activities will show automatically on our own channels UiTinVlaanderen.be and UiTmetVlieg.be (website for families with young children). Moreover, the UiT database feeds more than 500 printed and digital event calendars with up-to-date information, ranging from local or national media groups or channels to cities or municipalities and tourist centers or large umbrella organizations.

In collaboration with several partners publiq Vlaanderen also develops UiT calendars tailored to target groups with specific information needs, such as disabled people or non-native speakers.

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Create better leisure apps with our software documentation or consult our Github. In need of a customized UiT calendar? We would like to help you create customized leisure tools.



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