BILL brings news on culture for and by young people from 16 to 30

BILL puts together a unique selection of not-to-be-missed events and noteworthy items. This way, everything receives appropriate exposure, from popular mass events to interesting niche happenings to promising young people and the projects they are passionate about. The latter get a special platform and a promotional boost with the annual BILL Awards for young, creative, enterprising talent.

For every item, BILL looks for interesting ways to tell a story, with both images and text and through various media, from live reports on Instagram to videos on Facebook to in-depth interviews on the BILL site.

That means news on culture for young people, but also by young people. Around 60 young volunteer reporters contribute to BILL content. By doing this, they expand their own skillset and they blossom, assisted by BILL editors, feedback rounds, reporter meetings and workshops.

The more young people, the greater the appetite for ever more culture. That’s what BILL is all about. With accessible, original awareness campaigns and actions on school campuses and in cities, we literally go out to young people.

Tools like the BILL app and the BILL competitions also whet the appetite. The app provides an overview of the cultural offerings in Flanders, Brussels and even elsewhere in Europe, via collaboration with the European Youth Card Association (EYCA). With the app, young people find the most advantageous rates for themselves and benefit from BILL discounts for cultural events and museums. The app is distributed by educational partners, cities, Knaek and other channels.

BILL’s expertise in communication to young people and the BILL community’s insights are assets to which publiq gives a larger public voice. publiq believes in knowledge-sharing and collaboration. Therefore, in the spirit of social engagement, publiq has committed itself to professionalising the youth and culture sectors by setting up a learning network. Such a network is and remains interesting only if it is frequently fed with new insights. That is why research into young people’s interests, communication, culture and its dissemination are also part of publiq’s scope.