Deeltijds Tijdelijk

Mitsuko Bath
Hi, I'm looking for 2 comedians or actors that can speak and improvise in English for a recording session. The two actors will have to improvise and invent with me a dialogue from some elements of texts transcribed from different audio recordings of people talking in the street. Everything will be whispered. The most important part of the work will be to find together a certain sound texture in this whispering. The recording of this whispered dialogue will be one part of a sound installation.
I don't target a specific age or gender. Yet it is important to be able to express well in English.
Reageren voor: 31/08/2019

Please if you're interested just write me an email and send me any link, a facebook account, a CV, or anything relevant so I can have an idea of your profile. I'll be happy to do the same in return. Please write me in English, I'm French and don't understand Dutch at all.