House of European History



  • Active outreach to cultural, educational and other relevant organizations on local and international level
  • Further management, development and implementation of the project ‘European Democracy Sites’
  • Build diplomatic relationships and networks for sustainable audience engagement
  • Identify, liaison and build relationships with international and local organizations relevant for further development of the HEH programming and learning offer
  • Further develop and implement the outreach policy in liaison with colleagues responsible for other HEH policies that are relevant to achieve the Museums mission and goals
  • Work with the Head of Learning and Outreach to successfully achieve department and museum goals for increasing the visibility and dissemination of the HEH’s learning and event offer
  • Management of stakeholder and special VIP events, specialized tours and study visits as a part of outreach and sustainable audience development and engagement
  • Liaise with Events assistant on logistics and operational capacity for specialized events and visits
  • Track and evaluate outreach initiatives and stakeholder events and identify items to work on or improve for future initiatives
  • Representation of the LT in external taskforces / workgroups related to job profile when delegated to such initiatives
  • Assist with other assignments and projects as needed and requested by the HEH Management Team or EP hierarchy



  • Project Management: Experienced in successfully managing projects from initiation to completion
  • Communication and External Representation: Excellent verbal and written communication abilities, with a skill for networking and building connections
  • Diplomacy and Intercultural communication: Skilled in fostering positive and productive relationships with various stakeholders
  • Partnership Development and Networking: Proficient in identifying and cultivating partnerships for collaborative initiatives
  • Policy Development: Capable of contributing to the development and implementation of effective policies
  • Stakeholder Management: Adept at managing relationships and expectations with stakeholders
  • Event Coordination: Skilled in planning and coordinating successful events
  • Evaluation and Improvement: Competent in evaluating projects and implementing improvements based on feedback and data
  • External Representation: Capable of representing the organization professionally to external stakeholders


  • Three to five years of prior experience in outreach, demonstrating a track record of successful stakeholder engagement and collaboration
  • Preferred experience of 3-5 years within non-profit fundraising or outreach activities
  • Proficient in event management and coordination, ensuring smooth execution and positive attendee experiences
  • Skilled in project coordination, effectively managing tasks, timelines, and resources
  • International collaboration experience, highlighting the ability to work effectively across cultural boundaries
  • Flexibility and adaptability in handling dynamic work environments


  • Self-motivated, enthusiastic, and community-driven individuals are encouraged to apply for this position
  • Fluent in English, with knowledge of Dutch, German, and/or French being a plus
  • Positive attitude and readiness to be a team player, fostering a supportive work environment
  • Strong industry knowledge, staying updated with current trends and best practices
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills, enabling effective collaboration with team members and stakeholders
  • Proficiency in using institutional databases, public access sites, and conducting primary research
  • Good reporting, technical, and statistical skills, allowing for accurate data analysis and reporting
  • Experience with budget management, demonstrating financial responsibility
  • Outstanding written communication and presentation skills, enabling clear and compelling communication with various audiences
  • Friendly, enthusiastic, and positive attitude, contributing to a welcoming and inclusive work environment
  • Strong knowledge of social media and other basic marketing platforms, leveraging digital tools for outreach
  • Detail-oriented with the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously, ensuring thoroughness and efficiency
  • Developing and overseeing a professional outreach management system, ensuring effective outreach strategies and tracking progress
  • Maintaining a calendar of outreach activities, including community events, workshops, appearances, and other communication opportunities, enabling organized planning and execution
  • Preparing an annual budget for community outreach activities, demonstrating financial planning skills
  • Nurturing new and old relationships with collaborative partners, fostering strong partnerships for ongoing initiatives


Full Time job in an international team

Reageren voor: 08/06/2023
Reageren voor: 08/06/2023
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