Voltijds Stage

INTK is een creatieve studio in Utrecht gespecialiseerd in het ontwikkelen van digitale strategie├źn voor culturele organisaties.
Are you interested in working on a high impact, short-term project to positively impact thousands of people? Are you passionate about creating software that stretches the limits of technology and beauty? If so, we have the perfect job opportunity for you.

Our culture
We are a young team of international professionals. Every day we have lunch together every single day. On Fridays, the entire team joins for drinks as we stop working half an hour earlier. You will have plenty of opportunities to visits concerts, exhibitions, movies, festivals, etc.
Depending on your expertise and experience, we will together find the right fit and topic (Machine learning, Data mining, iOS development, Python, Front-end, Sysop).
Contactpersoon: work@intk.com
Reageren voor: 21/08/2019

How to apply? Send your CV, cover letter and link to GitHub to stage@intk.com. Check out the full vacancy: https://www.intk.com/en/about/jobs/software-development-intern