I am looking for an entity that is passionate about my website, my video's, my written work, my art, and my seminars: Please show me your application is worth many co-operative endeavours, show me your passion, your ideas through which I understand you are the one that brings my work to the world. As of now, I deleted my FB business page and other. You are being expected to start from zero into multi-dimensional content. Let me know what attracts you most, why would you like to work with me throughout the world: projects need to be set up that brings people back to the level where education is a must regarding self development : Opening these scientific factors will be done while exchanging ideas. You will have a great open space to be yourself and proff that you can do anything in 3 months time. Challenge your Self!



Unified Fields has been working in the Field of Light Education and thus the missing link in any University regarding mental/psychological and spiritual well being. My research resulted in becoming an artist, author, teacher creating mental health programms that assist EVOLUTION in any domain. Fusing all these faculties is not an easy task as it needs to be understood. We are looking for somebody highly creative and innovative regarding how new business in Fashion and the arts can create global healing and thus restructure what has been in a de-composition on earth such as EVERYTHING.

We do know we all need to engage in new programming regarding Light Biology of earth and our own Health issues. I am looking for an entity that has high level inspiration and aspirations to bring the merger through for me: Bringing the written work on designs of t-shirsts, book content, promoting worldwide seminars, engaging with clientele and so much more.


  • You have a bachelor/master in marketing or you are still studying.
  • You have an interest for ART AND LIGHT TECHNOLOGY
  • Skills in Adobe (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, …), Canva, Mailchimp,
  • Video (content) creator
  • You have a creative, autonomous mindset
  • You like to take on new challenges
  • You are ready to learn and collaborate
  • Available for 3 months
  • Be creative, develop and innovate, Excellent written and oral communication skills in English, knowledge of French or Dutch is a plus; Capable of multitasking; Friendly, social, proactive.


    • Content creation : writing posts, advertising, newsletters and other design on different communication channels as a function of the customer segment.
    • Community management: manage different social medias and animate the community.
    • User & customer relations: answer our users’ questions on our different communication channels as well as managing our online feedbacks.
    • Analysis & ideas: find new ways of communication or marketing to improve our customer experience on the basis of your observations and analysis of our database.

Who are we looking for ?

  • Knowledge in main social medias
  • Knowledge of online marketing tools
  • Writing and verbal communication skills
  • Knowledge in Marketing and/or communication
  • Motivation and ecological mindset
  • The design of a market study;
  • Conducting prospective desk and field market research;
  • Quantitative and qualitative data analysis;
  • Drafting of business development plan and marketing strategy.
Marketing & communicatie