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NK Gallery
NK Gallery operates on the primary market and represents living international contemporary artists.
The gallery focuses on art, which is innovative at its origin and creates a strong visual and cognitive impact. The exhibition program contains 6 exhibitions a year and consists of painting, a distinctive combination of new media art, video- and installation-based work, drawing and photography. Located between Museum of Contemporary Art (MUHKA) and Royal Museum of Fine Arts (KMSKA) in Antwerp South gallery and fashion district, the vast white-cube space of NK Gallery offers various possibilities to show large-scale art forms.
- Administrative support
- Reception of visitors
- Preparing exhibitions
- Promotion
- Research
- Opening and closing
- Transport
- Interested in art and gallery business
- Background preferably in arts, cultural management or communication
- Responsible, proactive and discrete
- Communication skills in English and Dutch (French+)
- Basic computer skills
- Flexible and enthusiastic
- Part time internship (Thu - Fri - Sat)
- Period February/March/April 2018
- Working with a small team in an international environment
- Learn more on how art galeries operate

Contactpersoon: Mathias Swings
Reageren voor: 21/01/2018

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