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international assignment for film assistant plus an intern media or journalism

In preparation for a teaser for either a short film or documentary for different film festivals such a Cannes, Idfa and the Monaco film festival we are looking for a multi talented person for a background either in journalism, film, audio video editing or related subject fields.

The idea is that you assist an international artist who is preparing a film about her life but also the life of her mother who is an interesting inventor and scientist. Therefore we seek people who either have a background in the fields of arts and/or the fields of science.

We are looking for someone who is either capable to make good camera shots in combination with some editing if possible and/or someone who is an excellent journalist and can help to write the story and bring it to the right places in the media.

We need someone who also has a drivers license and is willing to also operate like an assistant for all kinds of practical matters.

The first assignment will start next week and is for driving together with the artist to , helping to make a short teaser and assisting with all other aspects needed in visiting the cannes festival and networking to promote the documentaries;.

The salary depends on your experience. This is a short term assignment of a few weeks but can also be prolonged for a few months or longer if the first assignment goes well;.

Please send you CV to the following email:
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