Why publiq?

publiq allows us all to unite our strengths
so that we are in a stronger position to achieve our goals

What is publiq?

publiq is a broad organization that promotes leisure time activities
and welcomes all members of the public

What does publiq do?

publiq connects people to activities and to each other
by ensuring that they can find each other

What are publiq’s aims?

a society
in which leisure time leads to new encounters,
initiatives and shared experiences,
so that every person wants to and can be part
of the public audience

Find and connect

Leisure time is freedom: the freedom to do what you don’t have to. publiq facilitates the public’s experience of leisure time by ensuring that people and activities find each other.

publiq offers information, makes finders out of seekers

publiq focuses on platforms where information supply and public demand for it meet each other. publiq converts a large offering from the culture, youth and sport sectors to a well-organized and stimulating package of public-oriented and sector-oriented projects and products, rendering them both findable and appealing. Thanks to clever technology, smart data analyses and precise user profiles, publiq optimally aligns the supply of information and the public audience’s demand for it.

publiq broadens your tastes, tempting you beyond your usual horizons

At the end of your search, you’ll find more than you sought. Leisure time isn’t only about occupying your free moments between waking and sleeping; it’s also a chance to give time creative meaning. publiq believes that new experiences and surprising encounters sharpen individual and collective cultural self-awareness and thus strengthen the ability to get along and the solidarity between people. That is why publiq offers more than just a basic service about what, where and when, and strives to guide you further in expanding your tastes from the familiar into new territory.

publiq stimulates participation, connects diverse audiences

This invitation to discover the unfamiliar—either when surfing or diving deep—applies to every audience: young or old, rich or poor, facing restrictions or not, or from any ethnic or cultural background. Together with its partners, publiq has laid out stepping stones so that everyone feels involved and can participate in public leisure activities. Dealing with vast diversity especially calls for dialogue, trust and creativity. publiq actively addresses the challenge of increasing the visibility of the extremely diverse range on offer.

publiq builds bridges, connects partners

Making connections is work for many hands. publiq forges sustainable collaborative partnerships between various partners in the broad domain of leisure activities: not only local government and educational partners, but also actors from the artistic, youth, sports and cultural sectors, civic organizations and media and ICT developers. publiq brings them together over significant strategies for public interaction that add social value. publiq brings to the table its own deep marketing expertise and extensive set of products and services.

publiq goes local and global

Locally and internationally, publiq seeks and finds partners whose work and experimentation derive from similar objectives to those of publiq. publiq is committed to sharing the most recent know-how globally: this provides a breath of fresh air and keeps local initiatives scalable and affordable. Cooperation and entrepreneurship are definitely in publiq’s DNA!

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