A loyalty card reward programme for your leisure time

UiTPAS is a loyalty card programme that aims to stimulate participation in leisure activities. This is done via a points system: every time a cardholder participates in an UiTPAS activity, he or she receives one point. These points are saved to the card holder's profile and the cardholder can exchange them for rewards.

Today, more than 200.000 cardholders are already earning points at one of the more than 2,200 leisure organizations that accept UiTPAS. These organisations decide for themselves whether and what rewards they will give.

UiTPAS pays particular attention to people in poverty. On top of the opportunities for collecting points and rewards, the poor also receive a discount on the price of leisure activities that bear the UiTPAS label.

You can earn points and exchange them for rewards everywhere UiTPAS is active. With an UiTPAS from the city of Aalst you can earn points in Leuven and enjoy a reward in Maasmechelen. Note that discounts are possible only in the UiTPAS region where the cardholder is registered.

View the UiTPAS video here, read about what UiTPAS can mean for your municipality or how your municipality or region can join the UiTPAS programme.


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- the technical possibilities of the UiTPAS system

- the possible partnerships with UiTPAS

- the list of frequently asked UITPAS questions



An overview of the websites of all UiTPAS regions:



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