Where education and cultural partners meet

The cultural-educational website is a place where schools and creative people can get in touch with each other.

It is a platform where cultural-educational organizations and artists introduce themselves and their activities to schools. They list their specific school activities: workshops, guided tours, shows, lectures, et cetera.

Teachers can browse through the range of activities on offer and make a choice that suits the age of their students, the learning objectives, the region or the fields of interest. The schools can contact the organizers directly to make further arrangements.

The site not only provides practical information, but also encourages interaction. Teachers can recommend or discuss activities and by doing so, inspire other teachers. They can also follow the pages of cultural providers to keep abreast of their new projects is a “platform in progress”. New features are added regularly. In the beginning of 2015, Dynamo 3, the subsidy program of CANON Cultuurcel, will be integrated on the site. is a co-production of CANON Cultuurcel and publiq. The initiative responds to the policy paper ‘Growing in culture’.

Browse through appropriate activities for your class or through the organizations that have a specific program for schools.
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