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publiq connects people with activities and with each other
by ensuring they find one another


a society
in which free time fosters encounters,
initiative and shared experiences
so every individual can and wants to be part
of an audience


To find and connect

Free time means freedom. The freedom to do what you want. publiq facilitates public free time activities by ensuring that people and activities find one another.

publiq provides information, turning searchers into finders

publiq focuses on developing platforms where audiences and organisers can meet each other. publiq translates a wide offering of youth, cultural and sports events into a clear and challenging set of audience and sector-oriented projects and products, making them easy to find and inviting. The offering and the audience are matched as much as possible, using smart technology, smart data analyses and detailed user profiles.

publiq expands people’s interests, beyond their expectations

You often find more when you stop looking. Free time does not just mean filling up open space. It also gives people the opportunity to turn this free time into something creative and meaningful. publiq believes that new experiences and surprising encounters raise the individual and collective cultural self-consciousness, strengthening people’s resilience and solidarity. That is why publiq aims to be more than just a service that tells you what’s on, where and when. publiq wants to expand your field of vision, wants to be your guide on a journey from the known to the unknown.

publiq promotes participation, connects diverse audiences

The invitation to glide along or dive in and sample the unknown is extended to an inclusive audience, to people of all ages, whether they are rich or poor, with or without disabilities, from all ethnic-cultural backgrounds.  Together with its partners, publiq lays stepping stones so everyone can be part of and participate in public free time activities. Dealing with super-diversity, especially, means relying on dialogue, trust and creativity. publiq actively rises to the challenge to increase the visibility of this super-diverse offering.

publiq builds bridges, connects partners

Connections are created by many hands working together. publiq develops lasting partnerships between various partners across the leisure sector, including local governments and educationpartners as well as organisations in the arts, youth, sport and cultural sector, civil society organisations, the media and ICT developers. publiq gathers all these stakeholders around meaningful audience strategies with added social value, offering far-reaching marketing expertise and an extensive array of products and services.

publiq goes local and global

On the local and international levels, publiq is searching for and hoping to establish a connection with partners who have set themselves similar objectives, experimenting with them. publiq invests in global knowledge sharing of the most recent know-how, creating oxygen and ensuring that local initiatives remain scalable and affordable. Cooperation and entrepreneurship are engrained in publiq’s DNA.

publiq. be part of the experience.