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Looking urgently for a personal/administrative assistant and allrounder for an international artist who is slightly disabled.

It is very crucial that you are immediately available and that you have a university level or a BA level, as you will be executing tasks that involve administrative support on an intermediate level followed by computer-related tasks on a good level.

You should be fluent in English (speaking and writing) and this in combination with French or Dutch which you should speak and write very well as a second language.

Furthermore, you should have very good computer skills which entail working with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Social Media, home banking. Scanning/ faxing documents, etc.

It is also very important that you can drive a utility car and that you posses a driver’s license, which is valid all over Europe, because there will be a lot of driving.

The job gives you the opportunity to gain experience and to explore new places like Cannes and the Monaco Film Festival, the EC and EP.

Despite her disability, the artist has many top contacts with many organisations, as she has also worked in diplomatic fields but also as an international artist and journalist she developed a very extensive network worldwide, which she wants to revitalize.

This means you should also do some PR for her and you are capable and know the protocol of how to contact vip people, journalists and filmmakers on her behalf.

Everyone with a background in journalism, Public Relations, editing, law, accountancy, finance, Languages, IT, multimedia, music or film studies have priority but other good candidates are welcome as well.

A movie is being made and a book is being written about this disabled artist. So it is vital that you are able to assist where needed in these processes and make sure everything goes according to plan. Therefore you should be able to work independent and you are pro-active. As you will be working for a disabled lady, flexibility with the working hours is requested.

This job can also be very interesting for students as well, as you have enough time to do your own personal activities. The working hours differ between five to six hours a day, usually after midday and during the evenings. This means you are on-call if needed.

The salary depends on the experience and the hours you will be working, but it will be between 1200 euros and 2400 euros . You can also work full time if you show capacity to do most task on your own.. In all scenarios you will have to do a try-out first. Students get a smaller salary, which is around 1000 euros + a budget for a room of 350 euros if a room is necessary. The try-out will take place in Antwerp (Belgium) and or surroundings.
Contactpersoon: Magdalena Dzekova
Reageren voor: 17/08/2018

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