A savings and benefits program for your leisure time 

UiTPAS lowers participation barriers for both participants, organizers and local authorities.

The UiTPAS combines a benefits program for everyone with financial discounts for people with low or fixed incomes. Holders of an UiTPAS can earn points by participating in leisure activities and exchange them for benefits. People with low or fixed incomes are entitled to an UiTPAS at a reduced price. That makes it easier for them to take part in leisure activities, without being stigmatized.

The UiTPAS enables organizers to introduce a less well-known program to a wider audience and to use the UiTPAS as a loyalty program.

Local authorities get a better insight into the participation behavior of their residents and can simplify their administration.

The UitPas was introduced in June 2012 as a pilot project in Aalst and in its surrounding municipalities. After a positive evaluation by the Flemish government, the program was launched in Brussels (under the name Paspartoe) and in Ghent. The preparations in various cities and regions across Flanders are in full swing.

publiq supervises the further development of UiTPAS as technical manager and adviser of local authorities.

UiTPAS provider or cardholder?
Here you will find information on how the UiTPAS works.
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