publiq is specialized in cultural marketing and communication. Our ambition: make (more) people (more) enthusiastic for (more) culture.

To get more people actively involved in leisure life. That is the tantalizing mission we at publiq passionately try to accomplish.
In the booklet ‘UiT kom je overal tegen’ (‘You meet UiT everywhere’) of in this animationvideo we explain exactly how we approach this.


Those who feel like some cultural or leisure activity will typically seek inspiration within a radius of 30 kilometers around their hometown. 'What is happening in my neighborhood?' is the first, logical question. In order to answer that question appropriately, publiq has developed the UiT network of more than 250 regional partners in Flanders and Brussels: from UitinAalst to UiTinBrussel to UiTinZwevegem. Websites, magazines and brochures of local governments feature a recognizable UiT label, which shows the way to activities around the corner.

The UiT database is the heart of our organization. It is the central hub where all information on leisure activities in Flanders is entered, gathered and redistributed. Last year, around 23,000 organizers entered more than 130,000 activities. This wealth of information is not only accessible through the calendars of local governments, but also through our own popular website Every year, more than 2.5 million users only need a few mouse clicks to find their way through a wide range of cultural and leisure activities. The UiT database is also a source of information for newspapers, magazines and (websites of) Flemish television channels. In total, more than 500 external channels use the UiT database on a daily basis for the publication of their listings.


Gathering and sharing information is only a first step in a wider activating mission. We offer local governments within the UiT network a useful set of tools with which they can develop policies to encourage public participation. One excellent example is the Flemish leisure card UiTPAS. This smart card combines attractive benefits for all cardholders with discounts for people with low or fixed incomes. In the meantime, UitPAS is registering valuable and anonymous real-time data on the participation patterns and preferences of UiTPAS users.

LEARN YOUNG, et cetera

Young people have a special place in the whole scheme. For families with children, there is Vlieg, a label that announces the various cultural options for the very young (under 12). Cultural centers and leisure services are using this cheerful little fly extensively in their communication, while families can surf to the website for tips from the Vlieg editors and from other families. This increases the chances that people acquire a taste for culture from a very early age.

Is all this a rather ambitious task for a single player? Yes, indeed. Therefore cooperation with other social actors is embedded in our DNA. A recent example is the partnership with the educational organization Canon Cultuurcel for the project. This e-platform for teachers and cultural-educational organizations is a useful tool to inject culture in as many school environments as possible.